Design hanging shelters, an architectural idea at 3,775 meters high, where the "Train to the Clouds" runs through the La Polvorilla viaduct. Join this World competition challenge.

It was born in 1972 as a ferrotourism enterprise. Renowned for providing unique and exclusive landscapes in the world experience.

Invite the adventurous tourist to stay, generating optimal conditions in design, functionality, pragmatism, durability and sustainability. The general design of the ADVENTURE TREN A LAS NUBES CAMP must be sensitive to the surrounding context, there must be a harmonious coexistence managing to integrate the contest into the monumental structure.

The Place

The Place


Andean Altiplano. Desert Puna Dry and cold. The average annual temperature is 7.7 ° C.

The warmest month is January with an average temperature of 12 ° C and the coldest month is July with an average temperature of 1.8 ° C.

It has a great amplitude ends between day and night.

Geographic location

Latitude: 24°12'11.10"S / Length: 66°24'49.13"O / Altitude: 3775 m.s.n.m.


Total annual average rainfall is 117 mm. The driest month is May, with an average of 0 mm of precipitation, and the highest precipitation is in January, with an average of 37 mm. Relative humidity: The average annual relative humidity is around 44%.


The prevailing winds are from the west.

  • View Tren a las Nubes, Salta
  • View Tren a las Nubes, Salta
  • View Tren a las Nubes, Salta
  • View Tren a las Nubes, Salta
  • View Tren a las Nubes, Salta
  • Viaducto de la Polvorilla. San Antonio de Los Cobres
The Program

The Program


DESIGN IN THE CLOUDS. At 3.775 mts. according to the adapted PROGRAM, where the presence of a sleeping town is preluded.

Of height where a great Plain preludes the presence of a town asleep in the solitude of the heights, in the solitude of the Puna.


Free viewpoint

Craftsmen posts

Monument to the flag


Hanging shelters

Rail for existing footpath

Pedestrian shopping


Functional square contemplative poly functional

SUM (Multiple Use Room)



  • 1° Award: U$S 2000
  • 2° Award: U$S 1000
  • 3° Award: U$S 500
  • Mentions: 7
  • Returns: 21


1. Registration Form

Complete and send the registration form can be found on the website

2. Payment

Select one of the following payment options: PayPal or bank transfer (see Payment Methods).

3. Registry

By submitting the online registration form and completing the payment, the participant must send a copy of the transaction receipt to as Proof of payment. The subject of the email must include the name of the team leader.

Once both registration form and payment are completed and received by NAVEL PROJECT, the team leader will then receive a registration code by email within 72 hours. Confirming the registration in the competition. This Registration NUMBER (Code) must be included in the lower right corner of the panel presented (inside the cover sheet).

Im ready

I choose the payment method and subscribe to the "Hanging Shelter - Adventure Camp "TREN A LAS NUBES"" Contest. If you have any doubt, contact us by phone or through our social channels. We are here to assist you.



  • Jury De Andrés De Andrés

    "Art is the materialization of the spirit of man"

  • Jury Regen-Mizinski Regen-Mizinski

    A correct architecture is one planned based on the needs and dreams of real people.

  • Jury Tomás Jerez Tomás Jerez

    The architect's task is to save beauty, using the complex and mysterious language of created things: its shapes, colours, contrasts and proportions.



  • 2019/08/20

    | Launch of the call
  • 2019/08/20

    | Start of early registration
  • 2020/01/21

    | Start of regular registration
  • 2020/02/25

    | Start of late registration
  • 2020/03/10

    | Presentation Deadline
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  • 2020/03/20

    | Date of the jury's decision
  • 2020/03/27

    | Date of results of the Competition
  • 2020/04/17

    | Award Award deadline





Review the filing requirements below


The submission deadline: March 10th, 2020 at 23:59 hours (Current time in Argentina)

The competition presentation will consist of a unique digital file and must meet the following requirements:

File format:
  • 1 Panel size A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm), landscape / horizontal layout.
  • Within the presentation sheet size A0 will be incorporated a space intended to place the Descriptive Memory written at 1.5 spaces in font ARIAL size 12, without signatures or identifying signs in it will express synthetically the intentionality put into the blueprint and ideas of the proposal and the technical-plastic characteristics raised. In the base file will be placed a square where it can be located (see attached lamina_presentacion_base.dwg).
  • Registration code must be located in the lower right corner of the panel presented within the cover of the base file where it will be worked (see attached lamina_presentacion_base.dwg).
Type of file:
  • JPG (color RGB) with 5 Megabytes (maximum). Recommended 300 dpi resolution. The JPG file can be compressed to a ZIP file format.
  • File name should only include the registration code. For example: SUD00000.jpg


  • Online presentation: The competition panel must be presented only once using the online platform transfer file as a single file (JPG file can be compressed into a ZIP file) and directed to All submitted documentation Other methods can not be downloaded.
  • Deadline for submission: The competition panel must be sent before the deadline established in the competition calendar. Competitors are responsible for the arrival of their proposals within the corresponding deadline. No proposal will be evaluated if it is received after the submission deadline.
  • Shipping confirmation: The participants who presented panels must receive an email electronic confirmation of WeTransfer. And a second confirmation email will be sent by NAVEL PROJECT during the 72 hours after receiving the presentation.